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Bleep DreamWay CPAP Connector Kit & 96 Dreamports

CPAP Mask Replacement | Mask-Free Sleep Apnea Solution
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  • COMFORT-FOCUSED: No bulky CPAP mask and uncomfortable straps to deal with. The DreamWay Connector is designed to ensure a perfect fit. No leaks. No mask lines. No broken hair. No dry eye.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SLEEPER: Whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the DreamWay Connector is ideal for any position. It offers unrestricted movement for a rejuvenating sleep.
  • NO PAINFUL NASAL INSERTION: Nothing goes in the nose, eliminating irritation. Replace your traditional CPAP nasal pillow with a nasal insert-free option for a comfortable night's sleep.
  • EASY TO USE: Experience unparalleled comfort in breathing and wearing. Simple and user-friendly. No headgear, universal fit, and ensures no claustrophobia. Watch videos for how to use it.
  • COMPLETE SYSTEM: Designed specifically for Bleep Dreamports compatibility.

Product Description
  • Bleep DreamWay Connector Kit & 96 Dreamports.
  • Connector Kit requires Dreamports, which are sold separately.
  • Properly connected means no leaks, no mask lines, no broken hair, no dry eye.
  • Nothing goes in the nose, eliminating irritation.
  • Application with easy on/easy off skin-friendly surgical tape DreamPorts. (Avoid if you have tape allergy).
  • Sleep in any position.
  • *When attaching the Connector Kit to the DreamPort, twist to connect to the port.
  • If noisy, check the connection between the port and frame. Trim tape to produce custom fit on Dreamports.
  • *Note: If there is excessive noise or leak, it means the ports are not properly connected to the Connector Kit - It is not defective, It's just not properly connected. Watch videos for how to use.
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