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Circadian: Your Natural Rhythm

Ready for a lifestyle that prioritises your health and wellbeing? Ready for living with more energy and focus? Keen to naturally improve mood, body composition and sleep? The answer? Do your daily activities at the optimal time for your body - aka circadian rhythms or the power of 'when'. ⏰ Enter Circadian, your app for applying circadian rhythms, and living a more natural lifestyle. Circadian uses your local solar time and some user settings to calculate your circadian rhythms, also known as biorhythm.
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◾ Set reminders and alarms for critical circadian events

Being a biorhythm calculator, Circadian provides you with reminders & alarms to operate on your optimal biological schedule. Start sleeping, waking, eating, fasting, exercising and working when you are meant to. Set reminders or alarms for

- solar times (daybreak, sunrise, solar noon, sunset, nightfall)

- ultraviolet light rise and fall (UVA/UVB)

- sleep and wake times as well as a digital sunset

- eating and fasting times as well as meal timings

- morning and peak exercise times

- peak cognition times

◾ Adjust your sleep with the seasons

Circadian rhythms govern daily functioning, whereas seasonal rhythms, also referred to as infradian rhythms, affect longer-term behavioural and metabolic changes. Circadian can adjust your sleep duration dynamically based on the changing light conditions at your location. This keeps your bodies biorhythm in sync with seasonal changes.

◾ Feast and fast in line with natures pulse

Optimise your eating times and upgrade your intermittent fasting routine to a whole new level. Eating and fasting in sync with circadian and ultradian rhythms (less than a day) is essential if you want to reverse a metabolic disease or avoid getting one in the first place.

◾ Learn and implement with Circadian

The learn section provides you with carefully curated content on all things circadian rhythm related. Circadian is the most science-backed lifestyle app yet gives you the needed context fast.

- Dive deep into the thoroughly researched content

- Take action with our suite of practical suggestions

- Browse the best products to support your biorhythm

- Rest easy knowing that all content is based on more than 1000 scientific references

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