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Enhaler Calmigo: Achieve Calm in 3 Minutes

CalmiGo's technology measures your personal breathing patterns and adjusts to your needs at this exact moment. This device is scientifically proven and uses 3 methods: breathing regulation, relaxing scent, and multisensory stimulation.
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CalmiGo combines 3 scientifically proven methods to reduce anxiety -

  1. Grounding technique, which is Multi-sensory stimulation
  2. Use of Scented Elements
  3. Personalized breathing regulation

CalmiGo is a hand-held, patent-pending device that leverages relaxing scents and technology with a quad-sensory user experience to bring about rapid relief and relaxation. It’s small enough to carry in your purse and it can be used anywhere and anytime. It is fast, completely safe and easy for anybody to use. It is a drug-free solution that really works.

As we face increased stress and anxiety in today’s world, CalmiGo is a solution whose time has come.

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