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Focus Calm

Train your brain for better focus and a calmer mind. Get the FocusCalm EEG headband to see your realtime FocusCalm score. Subscribe to access all the neurofeedback and brain training exercises, games and meditations.
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Simple 3-Step Process

Discover new ways to calm your mind with guided meditations, games and expert content.

As you practice controlling your mindset, your brain changes the way it responds to stress & anxiety.

Learn to stay calm under pressure using FocusCalm a few minutes a day for 3 weeks. It can improve your executive functioning and your sense of mental well-being by up to 21%.

FocusCalm App

FocusCalm helps you do more than the usual meditation apps.

It starts with your FocusCalm score...a real-time display of your brain activity on a scale from 0 - 100. A low score means your brain is active or stressed. A high FocusCalm score means your brain is calm and tranquil.

Through our meditations and expert-developed content, FocusCalm helps you LEARN how to put your mind in a FocusCalm state.

Then, with our games and activities, you PRACTICE getting into that state more quickly, consistently and deeply.

Over time, as you improve your skills, you can then CHALLENGE yourself to keep your FocusCalm high as you perform mental tasks that simulate stressful or difficult situations in life.

FocusCalm works in just a few minutes a day

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