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Gilded Eyewear

Your rhythm, styled by Luke Storey. Blue Light Protection For Better Sleep
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Gilded Eyewear block 100% of harmful blue light, day & night

Toxic blue light is everywhere. It destroys your health by disrupting your Circadian Rhythm and preventing you from getting the restorative sleep you need. To save yourself from this light you need to wear blue light blocking glasses, and Gilded glasses are the solution. Made with the most effective blue light blocking lenses on the market, and handpicked by biohacker and former Hollywood Fashion stylist, Luke Storey, Gilded glasses give you the sleep you need to live the life you want while elevating your style.

Two of my biggest passions in life are biohacking and fashion, and in creating Gilded I’ve combined the two. Every pair of Gilded glasses is made with the leading blue light blocking lenses set in frames that I’ve handpicked to elevate every one of your looks. - Luke Storey

Modern & Stylish Technology

  • 100% Protection
    Daytime lenses block 100% of damaging artificial Blue Light at 455nm as measured across the light spectrum.

    Our night time red lenses expand that blue light blocking coverage up to 550nm and helps set the body clock up for successful sleep.
  • High Quality Materials
    Glasses look great and are as tough as they are effective.

    All our frames are handcrafted from the strongest premium cellulose acetate. Durable, heat-resistant, hypoallergenic and easy to clean.
  • Optical Color Perception
    Enjoy the full spectrum of color without the blue.

    Patented technology includes using natural pigments of Melanin built right into the lenses to completely filter damaging blue light while still allowing you to see the rest of the color spectrum.

Everyday Eye Protection with Gilded
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