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HARMONY 783 Luxe Grounding Shoes

Style. Comfort. Conductivity. Comfy grounding footwear for the health and style conscious.
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"Grounding" means to be in subtle, natural electrical connection with the earth.

And studies are showing connecting directly with planet earth may be the most effective prescription for our health and well-being.

The Life-Enhancing Benefits of Grounding

  • Pain Relief
    Any pain, wound, or inflammatory response heals very differently (and much faster) when the body is electrically grounded.
  • Better Sleep & Mood
    Grounding regulates cortisol (a stress hormone) and thus enhances sleep & reduces anxiety.
  • Better Blood Flow
    Electrical harmony means our red blood cells have more room to circulate (less clumping), and our body can move and recover better.

Groundworks™ tech helps harmonize your body's natural charge with every step

② Pure silver-stitched footbed for conductivity

③ Silver-stitched lasting board layer

④ 99% pure silver fabric loop to enable conductive flow

⑤ Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in midsole.

⑥ Carbon & rubber conductive outsole with trampoline heel for a stable stride

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