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Hop Box Life

Hop Box Life ( Human Optimization Project) A monthly subscription box focused on healthy aging.
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Aging gratefully starts with 2 daily packets

Have you ever found yourself falling down an anti-aging research rabbit hole, only to come out with no conclusive answers? We don’t blame you. While there is certainly a wealth of information out there, it can be incredibly overwhelming to keep up with the constantly emerging data.

That’s why we created the HOP Box: to stay on top of the latest advancements in anti-aging for you! We carefully curate the supplements in our monthly subscription boxes based on newly emerging data and provide comprehensive education on WHY these ingredients have a positive impact on your longevity.

You deserve to enjoy life

It’s thought that genetics only account for 20-30% of longevity. How you eat, live, play, and love accounts for the rest. That’s where HOP comes in. HOP stands for the Human Optimization Project, and that’s just what our monthly subscription box helps you achieve. Our longevity support supplement boxes make it fun AND easy to prioritize self-betterment by providing mini doses of education, motivation, and levity with every pack!

Supplements to encourage healthy aging

Keeping up with the latest anti-aging research AND implementing it into your daily routine can seem like an impossible feat. So, what if we stayed on top of the research for you? Not only are our monthly supplements uniquely designed to optimize longevity, but they also change in accordance with the latest available data.

Don’t wait to become the healthiest version of yourself – after all, you’re not getting any younger! Let HOP guide you down the road to longevity.

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