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HOP WTR - Mixed Pack

A non-alcoholic Sparkling Hop Water with mood-boosting ingredients, purposefully crafted with no calories, no carbs and no sugar. Weekday, weeknight, whenever: crack open a HOP WTR.
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HOP WTR - Mixed Pack

  • Refreshing and hydrating, HOP WTR HOP WTR is packed with Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and Azacca hops to remind you of your favorite IPA, all with no calories and no sugar.
  • Adaptogens and nootropics take you from stressed to decompressed, without a drop of alcohol
  • Contains: 3 cans (12oz) of Classic, Blood Orange, Mango, and Lime

It all starts with two simple ingredients: hops and water. Crisp, big-bubbled sparkling water is infused with a blend of Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and Azacca hops to remind you of your favorite IPA. Taste the boastful notes of citrus, resinous pine, hints of stone fruit, dank resin, and earthy bitterness on the finish for a thirst-quenching, itch-scratching flavor. Ahhhh.

Our scientifically-proven, stress-busting stack of adaptogens and nootropics, including L-Theanine and ashwagandha, is specially formulated to deliver the chill you crave, without the hangover. No CBD, no alcohol needed.

It’s seriously good. And seriously good for you. A perfect balance between fun and functional, HOP WTR is purposefully crafted to be your health-conscious, hop-forward reward for a job well-done.

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