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Ion Layer : Unlock Your Mitochondrial Health with NAD+ Patches

All of the benefits of high dose prescription strength NAD+ IVs without the needles, all at home, whenever you want, for a fraction of the cost.
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Why Is Everyone Taking High Dose NAD+?

The world's top physicians, biohackers, celebrities, and athletes are turning to high dose NAD+ infusions, but why?NAD+ is a critical coenzyme your body uses to produce energy & regulate key bodily functions.

The problem is that as we age the level of NAD+ in our bodies decreases which is associated with the acceleration of your body's aging and most disease processes.

The good news? You can increase it.


Boosted Energy & Metabolism
NAD+ has been shown to increase your mitochondria function and ATP production, the "power plant" and energy currency of your cells that drive your energy and metabolism.[*]

A Better Working Brain
NAD+ pathways have been shown as critical to prevent neuronal degradation, increase neuroplasticity, and counteract processes that lead to cognitive decline seen in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.[*]

Improved Longevity
NAD+ levels decline as you age. This decline is linked to age-related diseases like cognitive decline, cancer, metabolic disease, and frailty. Many of these processes have been shown to slow or even reverse by restoring NAD+ levels.[*]

Reduced Inflammation
Raising NAD+ status for only one week has shown reduced expression of inflammation markers such as TNFa and IL-6 and has been shown to reduce symptoms of inflammatory autoimmune conditions.[**]

Improved Performance & Recovery
Increasing NAD+ levels in mice has been shown to increase endurance, capacity, stem cells, and regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue.[*]

Better DNA Repair
DNA damage has been linked to a variety of diseases and aging. NAD+ status improvement has been shown to increase angiogenesis, DNA repair and synthesis, and liver regeneration.[**]

What you Get:

  • 1 complete kit per order
  • 6 RX-exclusive Iontophoresis patches
  • 3,000 mg NAD+ coverage per month (500mg/ patch)
  • Easy to apply
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