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Jinfiniti - NAD Testing & Supplementation

JINFINITI The Longevity Solution Provider Helps You Extend Healthspan & Lifespan. ✅ Test actionable biomarkers ✅ Act proactively, precisely, persistently ✅Optimize outcomes with data guidance.
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TAO, Longevity and Immortality

What is TAO?

TAO stands for Test, Act, Optimize.

TAO roots deep in an ancient Chinese philosophy, the Taoism (Daoism), the teaching that all living creatures ought to live in a state of harmony with the universe, and the energy found in it.  Yin-Yang in Taoism describes how obviously opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

This philosophy appears to govern how the universe works and it also applies to aging and life in general. The Yin-Yang duality lies at the origins of traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, and other sciences.

The Yin and Yang duality in life is the DNA/genes (Yin, Dark) and the environment or non-genetic factors (Yan, Light). The genes, inherited from your parents, are the master code for your health and longevity, and they usually do not change over your lifetime.

However, the activity of the genes is constantly altered by many non-genetic, also known as environmental, factors inside and outside of your body. These non-genetic factors are modifiable and affect how you age and have a huge impact on your health, but you are in control of them and your healthspan.

At the beginning of life, the Yin-Yang forces are usually in perfect balance and harmony, and the cells and body function well. If one can stay in perfectly harmonious state forever, immortality is the result as achieved by the Taoist Eight Immortals.

The goal in longevity shall be to stay in a close to perfect state for as long as possible. As we age, the Yin-Yang balance becomes increasingly broken down, resulting in more severe subhealth state and higher susceptibility to diseases and injuries, and ultimately death, when the system is totally broken down. Fortunately, the health state is reversible and longevity is possible with Jinfiniti’s TAO philosophy and practice.

TAO describes a process that helps you to stay at the harmonious state or to stop the progression and reverse to an ever more harmonious state.

Intracellular NAD® Test

Are you deficient in NAD? Is your NAD supplement working?

Measure your NAD level to find out and act.

Achieving optimum NAD level is your starting point to extend healthspan and improve performance. Ideally, NAD level should be measured at baseline, and more importantly after NAD supplementation. This test gives you real-time, actionable data to help you find an effective and affordable product and the correct dosage to optimize your NAD level.

✅ First and only NAD test for consumers

✅ Rapid results after receiving your sample (<1 week)

✅ Find out whether you are deficient in NAD

✅ Find out what product works for you the best

✅ Find out your optimal dosage for supplements

✅ Actionable recommendations for NAD optimization

✅ Secure data: 100% private and protected

✅ Free Consultation

What is NAD and why is it important to measure?

NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It plays an essential role in many cellular processes such as repairing damaged DNA to prevent cancer, getting rid of aging (senescent) cells, mitochondrial function, regulation of sleep and immune response, and reduction of inflammation and free radicals. NAD catalyzes reactions for more than 500 enzymes, including those involved in the production of cellular energy (ATP). Deficient NAD levels are linked to the loss of function and vitality as well as many age-related diseases.

Accuri® Vitality ⬆️ Boost (60g)

Patent-pending NMN formulation guaranteed to optimize NAD.

Extend healthspan and improve performance.

A clinically validated formulation consisting of NMN, Creatine monohydrate, D-Ribose and Nicotinamide works synergistically to raise NAD levels more efficiently than any other NMN products, and more importantly revitalize your cells and body.

✅ Patent-pending NMN formulation guaranteed to optimize NAD

✅ High purity and natural ingredients

✅ Boost energy and improve performance

✅ Improve sleep quality

✅ Reduce inflammation, muscle and joint pains

✅ Reduce allergic and asthmatic symptoms

✅ Improve mental clarity and dementia symptoms

✅ Improve functions of many organs (liver, kidney, heart, thyroid…)

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