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Unlock More Deep, Restorative SleepLagoon matches you with the right softness, so that you fall asleep quickly.By catering to your ideal sleep position, we help you *stay* asleep.Customize your pillow to perfect your alignment, eliminating aches & pains.
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Unlock More Deep, Restorative Sleep

  • Lagoon matches you with the right softness, so that you fall asleep quickly.
  • By catering to your ideal sleep position, we help you *stay* asleep.
  • Customize your pillow to perfect your alignment, eliminating aches & pains.

Helping Champions Improve Performance

Cory McGee takes her training and performance seriously, and lately sleep has been a big focus for her. Her commitment to finding ways to be better prepared for the work ahead led her to join the Lagoon Pack. She loves softer pillows, and found that her perfect match with the Chinchilla.

What Makes Lagoon Pillows So Special
  • Fully Adjustable

Open and remove fill so you can align your neck just right.

  • Breathable 

Constructed to allow air to flow more freely.

  • Sustainable

Built with eco-friendly and long lasting materials.

  • Ulta Seft Cover

Machine washable and polyester blended fabric for a silky smooth touch.

  • Machine Washable

Cover, liner and fill are all machine washable.

  • Hypoallergenic

Easy to remove machine washable cover to maintain dust and germ free sleep.

Help You Optimize Your Sleep

We don’t just want you to sleep well, we want you to sleep your *best.* While sleep presents an array of challenges to overcome - from a sore neck or back, to that unshakeable feeling of grogginess in the morning - we’re here to help you come out on top.  Our desire is to deliver you the energy and motivation you need to focus on the spectacular feats you have in front of you each day.

From the Founder

Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm the founder of Lagoon. As a life-long competitive athlete, I've always needed to prioritize sleep - beginning at the age of 13 when I started waking up at 4:15 am for swim practices.  However, until recently there has been little emphasis placed on how optimizing sleep can specifically impact your performance during the day.  

Now as I balance my professional life, personal life, and athletic endeavors, I've seen firsthand the huge impact that proper recovery has on my daily motivation and output.  Through Lagoon, and with our premium pillows, we are endeavoring to help others own their rest, and to give them the tools they need to be successful.

We’re proud to have created our business here in Minnesota, and continue to find ways to make a positive impact on those in our community.  We’re partnered with the amazing Minneapolis-based charity, My Very Own Bed, which has donated over 5,000 beds and “Dream Kits” to children ages 2 - 17 in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  We donate our pillows to MVOB to include in their deliveries, and we help champion the importance of formulating good sleep habits at a young age.

Youth Sports Programs

Given our close ties to sports and performance, we’ve also launched the Youth Sports “Sleep Performance Program” in which we partner with youth sports organizations to champion the importance of quality sleep to their athletes and families.  We also use this as a fundraising opportunity for the clubs.

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