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One Skin

One Skin is POWERED BY OS-01, the peptide proven to reverse skin aging. The first peptide proven to reverse skin’s biological age by preventing the accumulation of senescent cells.
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This total skin health routine is everything you need to cleanse, restore, strengthen, and protect your skin at the cellular level.

  • Begin with PREP to gently cleanse away impurities and prime skin for optimal penetration of the OS-01 peptide01.
  • Then apply OS-01 EYE, which is specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes and scientifically proven to boost collagen levels by up to 2.3x02.
  • Next, OS-01 FACE goes to work tackling cellular aging, leaving skin more elastic and hydrated.03
  • Finally, our daily mineral SPF OS-01 SHIELD prevents UV-damage with non-nano zinc oxide while targeting intrinsic aging with the OS-01 peptide04.
  • Complete your routine with OS-01 BODY to improve dry, crepey, and sagging skin below the neck, strengthening the skin’s natural barrier by up to 41%05.
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