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Psychedelic Water

Stock up on your favorite combinations of Psychedelic Water Flavors.
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This is a great way to experience Psychedelic Water for the first time. Get two cans of each of

  • 2 x Hibiscus + Lime Flavor
  • 2 x Blackberry + Yuzu Flavor
  • 2 x Oolong + Orange Blossom Flavor
  • 2 x Prickly Pear Flavor

When you are relaxing at the beach, partying with friends or un-winding from a day at work, Psychedelic Water, with it's unique blend of kavalactones, damiana leaf extracts and green tea is your alcohol-free way to chill out and enjoy life.  This mixed pack is only available online.

Experience Euphoria In Every Sip

Our 3 active-ingredient blend delivers truly blissful fee

  • Kava Root
    Used for centuries as a social drink to promote feelings of euphoria, this mood-boosting psychedelic root melts away stress so you can feel calm, clear-headed and happy.
  • Damiana Leaf
    Historically, damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac. Today, we harness the power of its psychoactive properties to help you feel less stressed.
  • Green Tea
    Our favorite antioxidant-rich leaf contains fat-burning properties plus caffeine that balance the soothing effects of kava.
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