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R 1,3 Ethanol-Free Alcohol by Hard Ketones

Alcohol Alternative - No sugar, No carbs, only 75 calories (100% from the alcohol). Lightly sweetened with non-GMO Monk Fruit.
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What is R 1,3 Butanediol?

  • Technically an alcohol, but not ethanol alcohol. (Yes, most get a buzz)
  • R 1,3 BD is 1/2 of the Ketone Ester molecule. Ketone ester is D-BHB attached to this same R 1,3 BD. When Ketone Ester is consumed it enters the bloodstream and it breaks into 2 parts. D-BHB and R 1,3 BD
  • All Natural and 100% bioidentical, so we call it "R" or "D".
  • R 1,3 BD goes through the liver and makes D-BHB, similar to MCT C8, but 80% fewer calories and raises blood ketones 5x more per gram.
  • Not for increased performance, more for a relaxed state. Do not operate heavy machinery

12 Bottles x R 1,3 for $199

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