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Signos is the only company that combines a CGM with an AI-driven app to deliver real-time glucose monitoring for optimal health and weight management.Signos translates an individual’s metabolic signals into timely recommendations for eating, exercise, and better health.
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How Does Signos Work?

As members begin their Signos journeys, they log what they eat, allowing the Signos platform to learn each person’s glucose reaction to specific foods. Once calibrated, Signos uses that data to provide personalized nutrition suggestions, including which foods are best for each member, when to eat them, and when to exercise to bring glucose levels back within their optimal weight loss range.

We're on a quest to tackle the obesity epidemic.

With nearly 75% of the American population overweight or obese, Signos provides a new way for people to act on their body’s unique response to what they eat to lose weight and kickstart a healthier life.

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