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Snore Gym App: Reduce your snoring with exercises for quiet sleep

About SnoreGym Using SnoreGym | Dec 19, 2019 SHARE: SnoreGym is an exercise app for snorers. No, we’re not talking pushups and squats – SnoreGym works out your “snoring muscles”.
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SnoreGym is here to guide you through a series of exercises to help reduce snoring …

  • Work into your daily routineSnoreGym’s quick 5, 10 or 15 minute workouts can be easily integrated into your daily routines
  • Easy-to-follow animationsSnoreGym guides you through each exercise with real-time animations
  • Hints and tipsGet the most out of your workout with handy tips
  • Proven snoring-reduction techniqueMultiple scientific studies* have shown that mouth exercises are an effective way to manage snoring and sleep apnea

Scientific research into the effectiveness of mouth exercises for snoring and sleep apnea have shown:

  • 56% reduction in snoring
  • 39% reduction of sleep apnea severity
  • 46% less sleepiness
  • 46% less sleepiness
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