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Superhero Sleep Book

Through Ethan and Sophie, your kids will learn how sleeping well supports their bodies, minds, mental health, creativity, and more!
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We teach families the connection between real, whole foods & the powers they provide.
My SuperHero Sleep Hardcover

Now Ethan and Sophie are back for another adventure-filled day to help your kids understand the power of quality sleep!

They’ll learn the importance of a clean room, morning sunlight, and a gratitude practice on quality sleep. They’ll learn routines and exercises to help them relax and fall back asleep on their own in the middle of the night. Backed by science and research, My SuperHero Sleep will help develop your kids’ curiosities about the powers of sleep, making them excited about bedtime every night!

Our Values

  • SuperHero Foods are the ultimate medicine!
  • What we DON’T eat is just as important as what we DO eat.
  • Ditch anything processed or filled with sugar.
  • When we nourish our bodies with quality food, we can become our healthiest self.

We Believe all kids must understand the importance of real food

  • Let's teach our kids how to choose foods that will nourish their bodies.
  • Let's show our kids which foods make them feel lousy and which foods make them feel good.
  • a long lasting healthy image. Let's teach them to embrace the body that they have.
  • Let's set up our children for life-long health and performance.
  • Let's show our kids how to self-advocate.


“Junk” food is everywhere, including schools.  How do our kids stand a chance?
Our children should eat REAL food that is free of chemicals, additives, pesticides, hormones, and added sugar!
Our children should understand how REAL foods and processed foods affect their bodies differently.

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