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The DNA Company-DNA 360 Functional Genomics Test & Reports

The revolutionary DNA 360 Test is designed to dive into the secrets of your biological makeup. Unlike basic DNA tests, your DNA 360 reports offer personalized health recommendations tailored to actively prevent identified risks and take the guesswork out of living your healthiest life.
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  • Dive Deep Into Your Unique Genome: Receive 38 detailed health reports covering various aspects of your well-being including diet, detoxification, sleep, mood, nutrition, and more.
  • Living Longer, Healthier Just Got Easier: Gain access to an exclusive longevity report, providing practical advice to add healthier, happy years to your life.
  • Skip The Guesswork For Your Optimal Lifestyle: Get actionable guidance for specific dietary preferences, optimal supplements, suitable exercises, environmental factors, and lifestyle adjustments aligned with your unique genetic profile.
  • Easy At-Home Test: Our convenient at-home testing kit makes the process simple and hassle-free, allowing you to unlock valuable insights into your genetic profile from the comfort of your own home.
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