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UREVO Treadmill with Auto Incline

UREVO treadmill features upgraded automatic incline technology, offering 3 different incline levels (5%, 7%, and 9%) for a personalized workout. Experience a more effective workout that targets your hip and calf muscles, helping you get fit faster.
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About this item
  • More Efficient with Max 9% Incline
  • Intuitive Exercise Data with Extended LED Display: Stay informed about your workout progress with our treadmill's extended LED display. It simultaneously shows speed, calories burned, incline level, time, and distance, allowing you to easily track your performance. The convenient remote control with wristband can be stored in a groove on the side of the treadmill to prevent loss.
  • Upgrade Cooling System for Longer Motor Life: Our Spacewalk2 treadmill is equipped with an upgraded cooling system that ensures stable motor output, prevents overheating, and doubles the machine's service life. The 2.5HP motor can support a weight capacity of up to 265lbs and offers speeds of up to 4 MPH at maximum incline, making it a durable and powerful choice.
  • Shock Absorption and Noise Reduction Design: Enjoy the feeling of climbing hills in the comfort of your own home with our treadmill's larger running area (17x42.5 inches). The 5-layer running belt and 8 shock absorbers reduce noise, increase anti-slip properties, and minimize joint impact, providing a smoother and more enjoyable workout experience.
  • Customer Orientation: UREVO brand offers 100% satisfying customer service, with professional answers to inquiries provided within 24 hours.
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