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Foursigmatic - Think Elixir with Lion's Mane Canister

Like coffee for your coffee. (Minus the caffeine.) Smarten up any drink with energy, creativity, and laser-sharp focus. The cleverest thing about this elixir? It’s absolutely uncaffeinated—so you can add a high dose of extra productivity whenever you need. Use coupon code SLEEPISASKILL to get 10% off on your purchase.
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Elixir Mix is made with ingredients you’ll soon swear by

  • Organic lion’s mane mushroom(1500 mg per serving)

    The scientific name for lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) kind of sounds like “Hercules”, and with good reason. It’s an easy way to beef up your brain when you want to get stuff done. We extract our lion’s mane from wood-grown fruiting bodies: fully organic, with no fillers or carriers.
  • Organic Rhodiola

    Those who know and love this super adaptogen call it “golden root”. We think it's the gold standard for productivity and creativity. Wildcrafted from the mountains of Tibet.
  • Organic field mint and rose hips extract

    Field mint and rose hips for both flavor and function. If you haven’t had rose hips before, they’re delicious, deep red, and perfect little vitamin C bombs to help make lion’s mane more bioavailable to your body.

Focus on flavor.

  • Mix just with hot water, or add to your morning coffee. Hey! You can even blend it into your get-going power smoothie. 
  • 30-serving eco-friendly canister for Members only uses 50% less waste than packets of your favorite Think Elixir, while saving you 20%.
  • While this mushroom has beautiful, flowing locks, no lions are harmed, or really in any way involved. This isn’t a culinary mushroom umami taste. It’s smooth and earthy. We’ve heard it likened to herbal tea.

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