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As you dive into the world of sleep optimization, you are going to be met with a ton of sleep gizmos & gadgets. Some are worth it, and some, not so much. Here are the items that we are currently loving, and we've also done our best to get discounts for you all from the company. Links and/or promo codes are listed in the descriptions. We update this regularly, and if we forgot something, please let us know what it is by clicking the purple button in the lower right-hand corner!
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Gembared - Red and Near Infrared Light for the Modern Era
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Chroma D-Light — Vitamin D
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Better Help Therapy
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R 1,3 Ethanol-Free Alcohol by Hard Ketones
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HVMN Ketone - IQ
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Insulation Tape Self-Adhesive
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Brooklinen: Sheet Bundles
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[Alcohol Alternative] Microdose Nicotine - Nootropic / Energy "Nicotine For Normal People
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HRV Body Treatment
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Iris - Laptop Blue Blocker
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Aro Smart Box
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I would highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with sleep. I have struggled with sleep for over a decade, and any google search, or even supposed sleep expert, that I have seen (and there have been a lot) pales in comparison to the amount of REAL & USEFUL information that you can learn from this course, and ultimately apply to your life, for better sleep, and better living.
Darryl Hughey
Property Manager

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